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RF Shielding
Apply as simply as wallpaper

Our MAC-2000 series RF shielding products are technically innovative RF reflective materials providing a minimum of  -100 dB isolation from under 100 MHz to 1 GHz or over 18 GHz (Ultra). They are very light, thin, flexible, wear, tear and solvent resistant. MAC-2000-WP is fire resistant.

They can easily be applied directly to either side of standard sheet rock or pre-finished panels as well as hung from ceiling panel grids and other structures. They provide the high degree of isolation typically seen with heavier metal sheathing.

They are suitable in either new or retrofit construction. Using either product will result in significant savings in labor, space, engineering and time to completion.

These products do not require specialized tools or techniques. They are applied with standard wallpaper paste and do not require soldering between panels. The flexible products come in rolls. They can be cut with scissors and customized to fit your needs (to cover room corners, pipe penetrations, conduits as well as electric outlets etc).

MAC-2000 Installed

Our MAC-2200-WP  "wallpaper" installed in a San Jose
electronics assembly room under construction.

MAC-2000 installed

Closeup of penetrations with MAC-2200-WP
applied with wallpaper paste.

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MAC-2000-WP            Good performance flame retardant RF reflective shielding
MAC-2100-WP            High performance RF reflective shielding
MAC-2200-WP            Very high performance RF reflective shielding
Installation                 Installation instructions for MAC-2000 series reflective shielding

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